Nail Care

For those who do not know, my nails peel like crazy, always have.  I work in a hospital, washing my hands or using hand sanitizer constantly which does not help, in fact it has made them worst.  Out of desperation I started painting my nail to protect them, and after may different products and countless hours of watching YouTube reviews and reading different reviews, I have found few things that work great for me.

The big 2 items that I cannot live without is Nailtiques Formula 2 which I got from Walgreens for less than $20 and I use it as my base coat ever time I paint my nails, or alone if I do not have time.  It took about 6-8 weeks to notice a change but it is worth the wait.

The next item is my Czech Glass/Crystal nail files, I love them so much that I have started to sell them.  They are wonderful and so gentle on my nails.  I would notice my nails would peel worst when I would use an emery board to file my nails.  I think the thing I like most is, if I notice the shape of one of my nails does not look right to me I can file my nails and the polish will not chip off.  I just re apply another coat of top coat and cap my nail (paint the free edge with polish) and I am good to go.

I have 3 different sizes for you to chose from; a 3 1/2″ size, I keep one in my wallet for $7.00.  The second size is 5 1/4″ for $8.00, which I have in my manicure supplies on my desk and the third one is in a hard case that measures 5″ for $11.00 which would be perfect for your purse.  These files can be sterilized, they are known not to loose their grit, but can break if you misuse or drop on a hard surface.  I have 3 different post, each post is for a different size, sorry, I am new to this and did not want to use EBay, Amazon, or Etsy just yet.  Shipping is free in the U.S., and if you need them shipped internationally I can let you know the cost.


5″ hard case file

crystal nail files


Think Pink


It is Breast Cancer awareness month and I wanted to do something to honor the survivors, and the families who have lost a loved one. All of us has been affected one way or another by cancer, here is to hoping that cures will be found soon.

Between work, school (what was I thinking), and family I have not been able to complete any challenges since the MoYou Rainbow challenge. So I thought I would work on a little free handing. I free handed the pink ribbon on my ring finger after the base color was dry. Then I used the oil slick technique on my middle finger and thumb and dotted Freedom on after I was done swirling the colors together.

Now I do need to confess something, I have been trying to perfect my dotting technique, but have been failing miserably lately. So I stamped the dots on using plate KD3 (sorry I do not know the brand) then, using a small dotting tool went over the dots to make them more opaque. Here are the colors I used.


  • Zoya Harper


  • Finger Paints Well-Cultured Pearl
  • Sally Hansen Rock Me Baby!

Middle and Thumb

  • Sally Hansen Berry Juciy
  • Pure Ice Peony
  • Pure Ice Free Fall
  • Pure Ice Freedom


  • Sally Hansen Love Rocks
  • Sally Hansen White On



I saw this technique in the MoYou Rainbow Contest and I knew I needed to try it!  It is called #smooshattack by @with2l and you can check it out on Instagram,  I used Zoya’s Binx, Harper, Alma, Stassi, and Muse as the base colors and Pure Ice Shore Bet to stamp on some waves from MoYou London Sailor collection #4.  After everything was dry I put on a quick dry top coat to keep things from smudging, then a I put on Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat.  This technique is a keeper!

Cat Nails #nailartsep

IMG_0018 IMG_0023

Madisen wanted to practice painting her nails for this challenge, she did her left and I did her right.  Not bad! As usually, she shot down all my ideas and did what she wanted.  We have a calico kitten that we call Sugar because her colors are muted and looks like she’s been dipped in sugar.  For the base color we used Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure White Out, for the calico colors we used Maybelline Impeccable Greys for the gray, and mixed Julep Princess Grace, NYC Brownstone, and White Out to get this tan orange color.  Then dotted it on with a small nail art brush  The mouse, paw print, and feather were done with Salon Perfect Black nail art pen.  For the purple feather I used plate QA40 and SH CSM Malbec.